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We don't like firing blanks

we prefer a more measured approach to things here

Should you do something just because it looks good or everyone else is doing it? Well, quite simply no. We always ensure first that we understand who you're trying to target, what your message is, and a clear reason for any activity.

We have a great understanding of a wide range of digital and traditional marketing channels, and can help you to understand what the most effective activities will be for your business and your budget.

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Digital Marketing

A website is often the focus for a business's online marketing, however this isn't always the case as other digital channels become more integral to how people find information and interact online. We help you to understand where you should be focusing your efforts, and where you shouldn't.

These are some of the digital marketing channels we use to gain valued traffic, brand exposure, and sales for our clients:

Your website is generally the most important part of an online presence, and quite often the main focus for all advertising or sales for a business. There are 101 different reasons for having a website (OK, maybe not quite that many), so it's important to understand what yours has to achieve, and ensure it works as a key part of your marketing strategy. The website design and function is always part of a considered strategy, no matter how simple your goals are.

Like it or loathe it the fact is that a huge number of people use Twitter, and that trend will continue to grow. In the right hands Twitter can provide you with a unique tool for communicating with your customers and connecting to others in your industry, gaining insight and feedback, in a medium that feels informal and friendly. In the wrong hands... well, it's bad news. We can show you how, and if, you should be using it. Oh, and we'll make your page look pretty too.

Like Twitter, Facebook provides you with direct and informal communication with your customers... something that isn't possible with traditional marketing. It's a chance to speak to an audience who are already open to your advances, and if you approach this with a bit of creativity and insight then you have a unique chance to get those that are following you to spread the word for you. We can create truly branded experiences for your Facebook pages, with mini-sites lavished with custom graphics, promotions and sales sections, animated content, and even products direct from your own website.

A great tool for building industry contacts, getting recommendations and referrals for your business, and sharing knowledge and expertise.

A valuable tool for maintaining interest in your business, or promoting specific products, services, or offers to generate leads; especially good for reaching those who aren't actively engaged in Social Media. We can help you plan campaigns and pick the right kind of approach, whether a simple e-shot or full newsletter, design and build templates, and set you up with the right tools to send emails and track the response so you can improve the impact of your E-Marketing.

We use the latest, safe white-hat SEO techniques to get your site as high up the search engines as possible. We have a range of services, from initial key term research and help drafting your site copy, to on-going monthly campaigns with detailed reports and development of your site content.

We use Google Analytics to provide detailed reports on your site traffic so we can help you to gain the best possible results.

Monthly campaigns will often include a budget for Google Adword listings, and may include other activities such as article generation and link building to maximise your visibility on the search engines.

We make sure you're listed with as many free, relevant directories as possible, search out valuable paid subscription listings, and look for other opportunities to develop your inbound links and build channels for your customers to find you.

The 'trick' to building a presence online isn't really that tricky, it's mostly about getting interesting content on the Web that people want to read, and making sure they can find it. If you feel you have something to say about your industry or services and are able to write occasional articles (with our help if you want) then we can show you how to make these work for you, where to post them online, and how to track the success of these.

Marketing & Communications

Digital Marketing is always used as part of a wider marketing strategy that focuses on what you want to achieve for your business, whether you are looking to attract new customers, impress stakeholders, inform purchase influencers or simply improve internal relationships, it's all about being given the tools and direction to effectively communicate. We can help you to understand how to get your message across clearly, and what medium to use to achieve the best results.


Whether crafting a suite of strategic positioning statements, drafting web copy and literature, or writing punchy sound bites for media or strap lines for press ads, our highly experienced copywriters can help you to ensure you are engaging your target audience effectively. We understand the difference in language and tone required for different industries and customers, and we help you to find a clear voice and focused message.


We can use our extensive PR experience to raise the profile of your business or product, creating targeted campaigns to generate interest and influence your audience. We can even train your staff and customer contact points to ensure your message is consistent, so that everything they say or write will reinforce your strategic marcoms objectives.